Contained Expression Begets Forced Radicalisation From Sayanim Governments


Long have I pondered the reasons why I can never get supported fully for my entrepreneurial dreams, while I can contribute to fund so many others. The others who are put before me are told to me by the Sayanim Governments, that it’s in my interests that they deserve it all before me. The flow of currency in my name is administered far away by people who I’ve never met, never get answers from, nor care for any law that I’m told are the rules to live by.

They tell me we share beliefs and that Our God is the one who made the rules for which I can vote for someone I don’t know to make their interpretations of it so I can enjoy the freedoms granted from their agreed discretions. They agree I can follow the law by paying to have a license for the television, pay for travel, pay for food, clothing, housing. Gee, I sure have a lot of money, and I fund the killing of soldiers protecting the elephants, rhinos and other endangered species that I’ve never seen, nor probably never will. While I have nothing against these animals being protected, can’t the people in their own countries by protective of their environments without cost to me? Most of these fundings I only find I’ve been a part of funding when something goes wrong, but the Sayanim Governments tell me they’re doing a great job.

Well, forgive me for having a question or two about their assessing of what constitutes a great job or not, but my streets flooded with gangland warfare over drugs and money that keep escalating would in my opinion by more of a priority than looking after Ex-Colonial countries who gained their own independence through Self-Determination. This, all happened long before I was born, but of course I’m eternally going to be billed, shouted down, be the wrong guy for every reason, and my media will support that. I recently came across a phrase that goes “We live in a society of can’t, rather than can, we are told what we can’t do, but never what we can.” If I had dreams, plans and good supporting evidence from prior projects that served the people, if I promote them to the council planners, what will they say? Why am I burdened with taking on the full weight of the councils, don’t they have brains?

Why can I simply find solutions to endless problems created by crank Sayanim Governments the world over, which are draughted from the same templates on both sides. Why am I so afflicted with these ideas of balance and harmony, wonder and joy for a better world? What can I do to stop these radical thoughts when the yin to my yang, Sayanim Governments push me ever further to look at mine own conscience and say, “what the heck are you looking at?” I’ve surely given up caring for what the Sayanim Governments throw at me now, I’ve weathered every storm, but not without toll. I’ll throw everything I have at them, as Perseus did at Medusa, fear is my friend and my guide. The more fear I feel thrust at me, then the more I know I am nearer turning the Medusa to stone. I’d ask who’s with me, but I now those who never speak are. I know those who never act are. I know those who wish for better than they have, but are weighed down by Government Sayanism, a plague from Israel.

I’m made to be the hater, to be the one who is flabbergasted at the thought of anything sensible coming through politics. Why am I the one who sits alone to ponder thoughts of a better philosophy for Our People, when I know Our People are the greatest thinkers the world has, and also the most creative and innovative. The standing on our coat tails to stop European culture dominating the world’s economy is reflected in world trade, sport, music, literature, media. There’s nothing that is free from what is tantamount to a Black Plague of advancement driven by Jewish bankers and ALL of their cohorts. I think it was the Jewish Freemason leader Adam Weishaupft who said “Let us have no leaders, let our way be the way that takes from others for ourselves and for our destiny alone.”

With any and every just cause for Europeans and Europeanism the Jewish media will only put on the papers the imports that serve the Jewish banker criminals agenda. So, whenever a just cause is broken down the spokesperson will be a useful idiot to promote multi-culturism and faux benevolence of both Sayanim Media and Sayanim Governments, the two are the same.  Sayanim.

Berlin.  Our post World War 2 paradise that was promised seems to make some amazingly fundamental hiccups given the ferocity that Germans and their friendly nations have been attempted to be written out of history. Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany, Quisling’s Norway, Cordeneau’s Romania, Czarist Russia, Edward 7th’s Britain, Delevera’s Ireland and so on and so on. We can only trust that these nationalist countries that have had the carpet swept from under them by blood thirsty criminals. Yet, largely we find in the maelstrom that these leaders contended with there were Sayanim all over the shop, even before the concept of Israel was dreamt up, the Donmeh were in full force. Originally they, the Sayanim, were called the assassins because they smoked hashish and were different, secretive, sly, murderous and for hire. They were capitalistic in that they would capitalise on the weakened and monopolise as they could.

The patterns are set and they haven’t gone away, the Sayanim Governments are the Occupying Overlords of every nation, via Internationalism, and it’s only by the will of the people of individual countries that the whole ideology can be eradicated for fair distribution of wealth and resource for a Life-First policy. Of course, this utopian dream can never happen when the people are kept at a lower level of existence that they can reach potential to be fully whole. So, they are left, or rendered, or created weakened, misshapen, malnourished intellectually and emotionally. The coherent nature of a cohesive society idea is kept from their minds to open the trap door and serve them a bit of cheese as a reward each time they make an advancement for the rat run.

They say identifying the problem is the first stage to bring solutions, well, ISRAEL, JEWS and their SAYANIM, their SHABBOS GOYIM and all the HANGERS ON without a voice are the saboteurs of their own ascendancy for a style of luxury that is only reserved for the aforementioned. They’re often called the 1%, well, I’d say that if they are merely 1% then they’ve done well, but they’re never 1% in a million years. They’re literally at least 50% in operation, yet this is not the blood allegiances of Jews. This is the willing misguided, mismanaged and misinformed by the Sayanim Governments for cheesy rewards that obviously destroy high culture. It’s not a new thing, but it’s more transparent now than has ever been recorded in World History. They have all the balls to juggle, they seem to be doing their job on the one hand, but with the Sampson Option as their final get out clause, it’s not what they rule that they care about, it’s what they can destroy.

It’s not a wild stab in the dark to suggest that they have their bunkers ready to roll. In fact it’s in a lot of documentaries about Sayanim that their bags are ready to be packed at anytime. In Israel they thrive on the thought of the excitement of their place coming to an end, because their contingencies? To invade further as they’ve done over and over and over. They operated from top down, they infiltrated the power brokers and work and work and work to put their tape worm like methods into full mobilisation. They have long been masters of it, so there’s nothing to suggest they wouldn’t be successful again without a full take down of the world’s Sayanim Government infrastructure and return those offices to the rightful and just people who serve the true interests of the people.


Israel’s Jackal!

I bet not so many know about the interest free Sharia loans for Muslims in our countries, where we have to sign up for 30% at cost of losing everything if the, out of our control, eco-no-money fails. Luckily we have dependable politicians to rely on, knowing they won’t be making £1.6 tln contracts with the Wahhabis, or that we can use our own oil and not pay the Wahhabi’s, or that all manner of Semitic jibba jabba is in our beeswax.
When they say it’s open season on White People, they mean on their interests as well as their physical selves. All the children, and the unborn, are being deliberately robbed of a future. Meanwhile the comatosed will wave the flag of Israel before applauding what our own home nations have achieved and can achieve. There’s nothing worse than anti-European Europeans and unfortunately they’e been bred to be exactly that for the most part.
Why is it when Anarchists run rife and willy nilly causing political chaos amid political turmoil everyone thinks it’s a normal occurrence. It’s very frustrating when the kernel of Anarchism is deeply rooted in Jewish created Communism. From Karl Marx, a Jew, Leon Trotsky, a Jew, to Jews like Peter Mandhelson, Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Netenyahu and Maurice Blank the baseline of their operations is clear. From Robert Maxwell, a Jew, Max Clifford, a jailed Jew and Phillip Green, a Jew who should be in jail, to Lord Janner, a Jew who dodged jail to Lord Neuberger, a Jew who runs the jails they have it pretty well sewn up. Yet people look at the shiny trinkets of Saudi Arabia and the OPEC riches allowed/bestowed upon the sand rich country of oil production that just happens to neighbour their apparent insignificant Semitic cousins, Israel.
People would have a heart attack if they saw the funding operations granted by, through and for Israel from such mysteries as the unevidenced Holocaust. The robbing of the Romanov Dynasty, the Chinese, the US and the Jewish administration of the Jewish Federal Reserve, with such Jews as Alan Greenspan, Janet Yellen and others there, while on the flipside at the US Treasury such Jews as Jack Lew, Timothy Geithner and Steve Mnuchin seem to manage to be blamed as part of the US monster, but when it comes to them being Jewish all bets are off and they get a free pass… BECAUSE THEY’RE JEWISH!!! C’mon… People need to wake up, because there’s a bleak future while Jews and their covert empire continue to boss world affairs.

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

“Re Notre Dame Paris and Sri Lanka …..

Once again” strip down the dialectic” to, pattern recognition, basic arithmetic on the balance of probability and conclusions are far from “Muslim”, but the Jew controlled media weapon of distraction, “terror and indulgence” for us is the name of the game.

The question should be , who benefits more from clashing Islam and the Muslims with Spiritual Europe and the Europeans than the (((cowards in the background))), the usual suspects, the Torah’rist Jews. Why is it of benefit to the Muslims, when it is easy to see how it’s of more benefit to those who wish to hold up Judy to be rattled by Punch.

Maybe this Shabbos goy (non Jw puppet), in the following vid, with his insurance “bond shareholder friends” is leveraging another double dip’, just like the 5 detained, then set free dancing Israeli’s during their…

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Mystery Economics – Covert Judaism

Being accused meme

By trying so hard to get yourself ahead in the game, no matter hard you try, there are always leaders ahead of you. Therefore you must ask yourself, “Am I ever the master of my own destiny?” If your answer is yes, you are the master of your own destiny and you are good, you can move on. For the rest of those who are wishing to learn more about the shadows always ahead of them, then read on.

No school allows the pupils to be the teacher, even though recently children in schools are using their mobile phones to verify what the teacher is telling them, and the teacher’s usually wrong. So, these things are fuelled for anarchy and chaos in the school system. If the governments wanted good education to be served to the children in the schools, then good education would be served in the schools. With this matter of political will now challenged, one can easily set it over any other industry like template.

In economics things are said to be streamlined for good housekeeping. In a system of accountable economics then good housekeeping will be kept. Now, the scenario in the schools, where the children are learning faster from the internet, and more tailored to their own desires, than the school’s curriculum’s can keep up. This causes a backward motion of a non education, as it causes a backward economic system when the same lack of political will to serve the people arises.

This lack of political will for our prosperity is very much for a different set of beneficiaries and is those who do not wish to be named that benefit from backward politics. At it’s essence it is many things, but all streaming from Judaism. Whether it be Kabbala, anti-Semitism, Diversity and Equality it has been known in time as anti-Lognazism. The level of the Jewish mind ultimately is like a ticker clock, looking to see how much industry can be drawn from individuals. How the interplay of daily life can be manipulated for the non Jews to serve the Jews.

It’s almost like on a school playground where there will be the headworkers, and then the skilled who get manipulated, bullied or both. The time has come were to look at the Jewish mind and see it’s lack of will to join in with any actual value from achievement points the finger directly into their places in government, local and national. On this blog it is often asked of the reader to run their own social experiments when it comes to understanding Jewish power in society. I think the above outline is relatively easy to prove, so I ask the reader to go out and set up some charitable cause, or social events, or something that is of genuine interest an benefit to others than oneself. Then set the timer and see how long it takes before the Mossad agent will come flying in to take over management, or get the project dropped on it’s face.

Even in my meager existence trying these things, from attempting to interact with the local public library in any fashion, setting up classes that I’m qualified to run, or attempting to actually have a life. All thwarted at the first by a “benevolent” Jew who will advise me these things can’t be done. Capital is needed, it’s complicated, it can be proposed, but don’t hod your breath. This is the way to find how Covert Judaism is in your back pocket, and largely you didn’t know as to what extent, until you show some resistance. Link.

11th Feb 1929 – 2019 – 90 years – The Lateran Treaty


The words that are never spoken, as the Jewish Central Bankers, and all Jews, do their best to demonise the Europids and all they have done, which is a great deal. The Lateran Treaty (ItalianPatti LateranensiLatinPacta Lateranensia) was one of the Lateran Pacts of 1929 or Lateran Accords, agreements made in 1929 between the Kingdom of Italy and the Holy See, settling the “Roman Question“. They are named after the Lateran Palace, where they were signed on 11 February 1929. The Italian parliament ratified them on 7 June 1929. It recognized Vatican City as an independent state, with the Italian government, at the time led by Benito Mussolini as prime minister, agreeing to give the Roman Catholic Church financial compensation for the loss of the Papal States.[1]

After World War 2 and the overtaking of Europids by the terrorist Jewish Bolsheviks from underhanded war tactics. In 1947, the Lateran Treaty was recognized in the Constitution of Italy[2] as regulating the relations between the state and the Catholic Church. Link. Hail Europa!!!

Communist China Bans Christmas 2018

Unlike communists, non communists believe in Christmas. Even atheists conned by communist propaganda will accept Christmas holidays and stay off of work to enjoy being with their family during the Winter Solstice. Pagans too celebrate the earlier named Yuletide as a celebration of life and nature. This years President Xi has banned Christmas. Shame on the communists and shame on those who follow communism.

News of President Xi of Communist China banning Christmas is reported here: Link.

Happy Xmas and Yuletide to all believers! Let’s hope for a prosperous New Years and an complete ban of communist usurious practice by the banks, aka The Jews!

Paying By Equity


The people of our time have never known a life free of interest on loans and mortgages. The financial industry is booming, even now in these times of austerity and economic uncertainty. The rallying calls by the banks is to fund the Yellow Vests for the dog and pony show. The credibility of the operation is undermined by the tactics used by the anarchists in a well worn theatre of absurdity. Where the police run around making chaos look legitimate for the cameras, and the anarchists throw stuff and chant banker chants. This virtual stranglehold on free enterprise by the bankers by vacuuming up all the money and causing entrepreneurs to be reliant on an interest on loans based system is communism. The nations are under a different set of rules and laws to those of the banks. The banks have a free reign of both off-shore tax havens and funding projects to serve their interests, and only their interests.

From the glitzy glamorous Hollywood to the governmental department offices the notion that people have money, only money to rely on is the new religion of communism. It’s a religion of belief in the cowards way. The complacency sets in as everything can be paid for that needs to be paid for. The problem with this system of thinking is it’s a rigged system. Not from the point of view of watching the homely adverts. Not from the point of view of the smiling assassins working in jobs that they’d not wish to do given true alternatives for them to experience job satisfaction were everyone knows the pat on the back at the end of the day was based on actual value of what tangible good was produced at the end of each working day, week, year etc.

So what of the Financial Markets that are running away with figures that you couldn’t add up even if you use fingers and toes. How is it that billions and billions and billions are allowed to be earned, and profited, by one single industry above all others in a consistent flow of endless profit at the misery of the people? Is it that money grows on trees? Is it that money can be rustled up at will on any banking computer as long as there’s a signature releasing the funds to the banks to act as an intermediate conduit for the authorisation to be given by the ones at par with the governments who say they represent them? What of collateral in the game of agreeing to pay back in negative equity over positive equity. Oh, then there’s always the options to sell cocaine, heroin or other illegal mind altering substances that have oh so easily flooded the streets to turn the people of historical excellence into bags of puss out of their minds and ready to kill for… MONEY!!!

Is it, or is it not strange that bank notes, and only bank notes, for 99.9% of all illegal tax free activity can be used in such financial dealings. With the financial markets the single and only place where the outcomes of the laundering of all money in those industries, that the Police can just never quite seem to stamp out, and the papers aren’t full of calls for governments to hang. I guess the people can learn to vote harder at the ballot box, or they could spot this theatre of absurdity for what it is, a rigged ponzi scheme for Jewish Supremacy. Of all the Marvel Heroes, not one of them have ever gone after a dodgy banker… Not even one!